About PBI

Nurturing young executives and business owners to be outstanding and skilled experts.

PBI is founded on the basis of the dominos effect of impact, where impact is transferred to others by a series of deliberate and consistent activities. It is a mentor-mentee project designed to build young adults in their respective careers and entrepreneurs. It is for the young individual who desires guidance and direction. It is also for the accomplished individual who wants to leave a legacy. PBI creates the impact value chain.

Our Vision

We envisage that each mentee of the Institute graduates as an equipped and audacious individual, ready to overcome local and global barriers to excel in all spheres.

Our Mission

Our mission is to propel Africa’s growth by guiding and nurturing young executives and business owners to be skilled experts, ethical leaders, and agents of change.

Our Values


We are anti-timidity, challenges ought to be faced and overcome


We believe that good character, rather than talent leads you to success.

Self Esteem

Build high self-esteem


Stay focused on the goal and keep persevering.

The Founders

Stephen Dotse


Elinam Ablah



Unlocking Opportunities in Crop Farming & Aquaculture for SMEs & Start-ups